Optimized Pay Per Click Advertising and Remarketing

Drive Traffic Instantly to Your Site, Landing Pages and Special Offers!

First Pay Per Click, Then Remarket

Pay Per Click advertising is the fastest way to drive traffic to your site, page or special offer. Optimizing your ads and PPC strategy will greatly improve the traffic and reduce the amount you pay for it. Unfortunately, the average landing page converts at only 1% – 2%.
The answer is Remarketing. Remarketing sends ads only to the people who clicked through your original Pay Per Click ad, i.e. only the people who’ve shown interest! This leads to much higher click through, and conversion rates!

Highly Targeted

Not only can you target PPC ads based upon the exact terms a user entered into a search engine, ensuring visitors with some level of interest in your product or service, PPC ads can also target by device, location, language, and schedule.

You can send your traffic to any site, landing page or sales page, OR you can even encourage prospects to call your business directly!

Pay Per Result

With PPC ads you don’t waste hundreds or even thousands of dollars for an ad or ad “space” only to learn that the ad itself is ineffective.

With PPC ads you only pay when someone clicks on the ad. Ad clicks equal visitors with some level of interest in what you’re selling, i.e. PPC ads send a higher quality of prospect to your site, page, or special offer.

Multiply Your Opportunities

All of our PPC management packages also include remarketing for free. Prospects who’ve already responded to your ad once have proven they have some level of interest in your product or service. Delivering your ads to those interested parties several more times vastly increases not only your click through rates, but your conversion rates as well.

Remarketing frequently produces more sales for less money than the original PPC campaign!

Pay per Click Marketing

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